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Welcome to Cehand Tree Service and Land Clearing, where we blend our passion and experience to provide you with top-notch tree care and land clearing services. As fully licensed and insured professionals, we ensure safety and efficiency are always top of mind, handling every project with the utmost dedication, whether it’s tree trimming, removal, stump grinding, or land clearing.

We believe that every customer’s needs are unique. That’s why we provide personalized attention and tailor-made solutions to meet those needs. Our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction reflects in our work, right from the initial consultation to the completion of the project.

Premium Tree Services at Affordable Prices

We understand that maintaining your trees and outdoor spaces is a significant investment. We’re here to offer exceptional tree care services at prices that won’t break your bank. But we offer more than just a tree service – we are your partner in crafting a safe, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space.

Secure Your Trees with Cabling and Bracing Services

Trees are not just elements of your yard, they are sources of beauty, shade, and even memories. When a tree starts showing signs of damage, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the end of its life. Here at Cehand, we offer tree cabling and bracing services to support weak or damaged trees, ensuring their longevity.

Tree cabling and bracing, are techniques used to prevent trees from falling due to weak spots, high winds, or ice weight. These methods involve using support systems like heavy-duty aircraft cables or metal bracing rods to strengthen the tree and prevent further damage. While these techniques cannot revive a dying tree, they can brace mostly healthy trees against further damage and decrease the chances of downed trees.

When Should You Consider Tree Bracing or Cabling?

Our team of professional arborists has the knowledge and expertise to determine when a tree is salvageable. We recommend extra support for trees in the following scenarios:

  • Repairing storm damage: Steel cables and rods can provide the tree with the extra structure it needs.
  • Minimizing risk in older trees: Cabling and bracing help mature trees stand secure.
  • Directing tree growth: Cabling can direct growth away from vital structures or prop up a leaning trunk.
  • Preventing future damage or risks: These techniques can help solve issues like codominant stems and support over-extended limbs.

Reliable Tree Support Services You Can Trust

We understand the emotional attachment to mature, beloved trees and the importance of keeping them around. Our team is ready to mitigate further damage and ensure the safety of your home from falling limbs and trees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does cabling hurt a tree? If improperly done, cabling can hurt your trees. That’s why we recommend leaving it to professionals like us, who ensure minimal damage while installing support systems.

Is tree cabling a good idea for my tree? Our expert arborists will examine your tree to determine whether it would benefit from bracing/cabling or not.

Does bracing a tree weaken it? No! Bracing strengthens and provides structure for trees.

Need More Tree Maintenance Services?

In addition to cabling and bracing, we offer a range of other services to keep your trees in optimal health. You can schedule a tree inspection to have a professional arborist assess your trees’ health, get dead branches removed with our Deadwooding service, or schedule storm damage cleanup after a severe weather event.

Ready to embrace superior tree care? Contact us today at (918) 279-7998 to schedule a consultation or request a free quote. We’re more than just a tree service; we’re your partner in creating beautiful, safe, and healthy outdoor spaces.

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